PJ Library – Book Swap and more!


PJ Library gifts Jewish books to children aged 8 and under, every month, that celebrate Jewish values, festivals and culture. Doing a good deed, or a mitzvah, often comes up in many PJ Library stories, and therefore Mitzvah Day is a great opportunity to help young children read new books whilst doing a mitzvah at the same time.

In partnership with Mitzvah Day, PJ Library has created a book-based event for young families. It includes:

1. A book swap for every community

2. Mitzvah Day storytelling and a FREE PJ Library Mitzvah book. You can choose a book that most closely fits your Mitzvah Day activities out of the following options:

  • Mitzvah: A Hat for Mrs Goldman
  • Interfaith / b’tzelem Elokim: Yaffa and Fatima
  • Visiting the sick / bikkur cholim: A Sick Day for Amos McGee
  • Planting for the future /Tikkun Olam: The Forever Garden

For full details of the project and how to get involved with a PJ Library project, you can download the PDF here 

Or you can e-mail Jacob@mitzvahday.org.uk