Refugee projects

Here is a list of all the various refugee-related charities and projects that we have to offer for this Mitzvah Day. 

  • Separated Child 

‘Separated Child’ provides Arrival Packs containing essential articles of clothing and items of personal care. These are distributed to lone refugees under the age of 18 who have already arrived in Britain. You can help by collecting items that are much needed for these Arrival packs

  • Refugees to Recovery and Rwandan Sisterhood

Operating throughout Africa, the Rwandan Sisterhood project collects much-needed items for expecting and communal mothers. 

  • Goods for Good

GOODS FOR GOOD (GLOBAL) is a UK registered charity that donates private sector overstock and community donations of goods to registered charities worldwide. This year we are collecting school stationery for the 50 refugee camps in Kurdistan & Syria (where we regularly send clothing, shoes, blankets, and medicines, too).

  • Kit Aid

KitAid is a charity that recycles your once loved football kit and distributes to underprivileged children and adults in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Other Project types
  • Internation Rescue

Host a movie night and ask people to donate goods to a local cause. The movie will be supplied by International Rescue and you can get FREE Ben and Jerries Ice Cream to go with it!

  • Separated Child

Packing up the arrival packs that are handed out to the lone child refugees



For more details about any of these projects, or if you would like to add another project that is not on this list. Please email