How to be a Mitzvah Mummy

Organise a group of Mummies (or Daddies) with young children
and visit a Care Home or Day Centre. The older generation love to see young children and babies, and this is a fantastic cross-generational project.

Before Mitzvah Day

Find a local Care Home or Day Centre to visit.
You may already know of a Care Home or Day Centre that you can contact to establish that they are happy to receive a group of visitors on Mitzvah Day. Alternatively, the Mitzvah Day Office can help you find one. 

Register here.
Organise a group of other Mum’s and Dad’s to come with you on the visit with their babies and young children. Make sure you have liaised with the Home before hand, to discuss the size of group, best time for a visit, any specific activities and any health a nd safety requirements. Visit in advance to put up some balloons and bunting. Allocate someone to take photos.

On Mitzvah Day

Make sure that your group arrives on time as being late will disrupt
the home’s timetable. Ensure that the Group Leader has the Contact details of the person in the Home or Day Centre. Be prepared to be flexible and proactive to accommodate the residents and service users.
Thank your volunteers and the staff and find out if they would welcome visitors on other days during the year.
Send Mitzvah Day some photos and let us know about your successful Mitzvah Day Mummies Project!