How to run a Mitzvah Day Shopping Project


Collect food items from shoppers outside a supermarket and deliver to a Food Bank, Homeless Shelter or Refuge. A great project for all ages and a fantastic joint project across different communities.

Before Mitzvah Day

Identify a charity
You may already know of, or be working with a local charity. Contact them to find out what particular goods they would welcome. You can also call the Mitzvah Day Office for some charities who would be delighted to get such donations.

Identify a Supermarket or Shop
If you are in North London, check with the Mitzvah Day Office that the shop has not been allocated to another group. Write to the manager and ask for permission to collect outside the shop. When agreed send a confirmation letter with date and times (templates available please ask us).

Register here.

Ask the charity for some information or leaflets that can be used to encourage people to donate at your shop. Alternatively, the charity website will have information you can print out and use.

Organise a team of helpers to be available on Mitzvah Day. Find volunteers to work in shifts (between 3 and 5 at any one time). Make sure you have the equipment you will need (trestle table boxes etc). Brief all the volunteers on what they should say to shoppers. Allocate people to deliver the goods to your charity at the agreed time and date and to take photos.

Advertise your Mitzvah Day shopping in your community/communities in advance. Let them know, what you are collecting, for which charity and which supermarket you will be at on the day.

On Mitzvah Day

At the Supermarket
Arrive early, introduce yourself to the Manager and staff and remind them that you will be outside collecting. Make your donation point easily identifiable by decorating with Mitzvah Day bunting, balloons, posters and so on. Make sure that you are well stocked with boxes & bags to transport the items that will be donated. Ensure your volunteers are available and prepared.

Allocate roles to ensure that your collected items are delivered to the shelter at the correct time.

Thank the shop manager and staff, your volunteers and all those involved and encourage them to get involved in the future with the charity you did Mitzvah Day shopping for.

Send Mitzvah Day some photos and let us know about your successful Mitzvah Day Shopping Project!