How to give away your lunch


This is a great project to do in your workplace. Encourage your colleagues to donate their lunch, buy a lunch for someone else that day, or buy extra items to be donated to a nearby homeless shelter

Before Mitzvah Day

Find a Homeless Shelter
You may know a local Homeless Shelter that you already have connections to. Contact them to find out if they would be able to accept donations of fresh food. Alternatively, the Mitzvah Day Office will connect you.

Consider your project
You might like to take this project further by eating lunch with the service users or by cooking lunch for them there. We can find a shelter that can accommodate this.

Register here.

Invite a speaker from the shelter to talk about the work that they do. Prepare some information or leaflets about them that can be used to encourage people to join in.

Arrange a delivery time for the day with the shelter, and organise some helpers to deliver.

Tell your office about your project in advance. Let them know of any restrictions on the donations and where and when the collection will take place. Decorate your office with some Mitzvah Day posters and so on, to remind your colleagues to participate.

On Mitzvah Day

Collection Points
Set up a table or area which is easily identified by decorating with Mitzvah Day merchandise. Also make sure that they are well stocked with boxes & bags for the items that will be delivered.

Allocate roles to ensure that your collected items are delivered to the shelter at the correct time.

Thank everyone for participating and consider continuing to be involved with the shelter in the future.

Send Mitzvah Day some photos and let us know about your successful Mitzvah Day “Give Away your Lunch” Project!