How to host a Mitzvah Day B’Bayit


Hold an event at your synagogue, school or organisation’s premises and host a group of vulnerable people. This is an excellent cross-generational project for young children and adults, family groups and active older people.

Before Mitzvah Day

Find a local group to host
Decide on a local group you would like to host for lunch or tea e.g. refugee families, housebound adults, those with physical challenges. Contact them to discuss their work and to find out what would work for them in terms of timing, numbers and needs of guests, travel arrangements and food preferences.

Register here.

Organise a team to help you with the arrangements. Will guests come with their own carers if appropriate? Will disclosure checks be needed for the volunteers driving the guests to your venue? Appoint individuals to invite guests and keep the list updated, drive guests to and from the event, prepare catering, room decoration and entertainment, clear away and take photos.

Advertise your event to your community in advance, to encourage people to participate and attend.

On Mitzvah Day

Make sure that your team knows what their role will be on the day and has a clear idea of timings and instructions.

Thank your guests, volunteers, and donors, and all those involved and encourage them to get involved in the future with the organisation that visited you.

Send Mitzvah Day some photos and let us know about your successful Mitzvah Day B’Bayit Project!