How to plan the perfect primary school Mitzvah Day


Thinking about a meaningful Mitzvah Day project for your school or nursery?

 Schools are a great place for Mitzvah Days. There are so many eager and willing pupils, just itching to get involved in a project and make a difference to the community around them.

 Mitzvah Day is a chance for your school to;


  • Launch a new programme of Social Action for your school or highlight and complement your own Social Action/ Social Justice programme.
  •  Tie in with your supported charity of the year or build a relationship with a new charity.
  •  Engage Students who may be less involved in other parts of the school life.
  •  Media recognition and political engagement. Local MPs love to visit schools especially whilst they are doing exciting and active events. A local MP’s visit can often be an inspiring moment for children and local media will be very interested in covering the story.

 For additional help in engaging politicians, talk to Charlie, our political engagement officer, at

No one will know your pupils and what is best suited for them better than you. However we have found these are very effective activities for primary schools:


  • Collectathon Organise a collection for a charity in need of something e.g. books, drawing and art equipment. This could also be a food drive for a local foodbank.
  • Make or Bake Organise an activity such as crafts, arts, baking or cooking project to produce items which can be donated to a local or international On our available projects page we have a number of charities that would love for you to make cards, bags and more and then post it to them!
  • Mitzvah Day B’Bayit Invite people in to visit such, as residents of a local care home or a group with specific challenges. This could be combined with another activity such as baking cupcakes for them or with them, or organising a sporting activity.
  • Sunshine to Seniors Bring a little joy to service users in local care homes or day centres (Jewish and non-Jewish) – befriending, playing cards or singing. This is particularly meaningful for a school choir or dance troop
  • Put on your wellies Environmental projects: contact a local charity to see if they have any gardening that they need help with; you could ask an environmental charity if there are any tree planting or landscaping events needed. Despite the cold weather, it is the perfect time for a lot of gardening work

For a list of available projects please visit and contact for further information or advice