How to plan the perfect synagogue Mitzvah Day


Thinking about a meaningful Mitzvah Day project for your synagogue?

Synagogues are the heart and soul of the Jewish community and as such often take a lead in organising Mitzvah Days. Communities and synagogues of all shapes and sizes take part nationwide. Mitzvah Day serves to galvanise members and leads to tighter knit communities as all members can come together andwork for a common cause as part of a global day of social action.


Mitzvah Day is a chance for your synagogue to:



  • Galvanise existing members: some members may not be fully engaged in all aspects of synagogue life. As an alternative activity, many may be more interested in a practical Mitzvah Day.
  • Attract new members by showing your community in the best possible light on Mitzvah Day.
  • Increase your Media exposure – local and Jewish newspapers are always keen for good news stories. Sending in pictures and a few words as quickly as possible is often enough to get your activity on the front page.


For any help in getting media attention, talk to our communications guru Simon at 


Our Top tips for Synagogue activities are:


  • Mitzvah Day Shopping Collect food or other required goods outside a supermarket by encouraging shoppers to buy and donate an extra item for a local foodbank or homeless shelter. Many will offer a list of needed items or will be happy to tell you after a phone call.

This project is suitable project for all ages and abilities.

  •  Mitzvah Day B’Bayit: Invite people in to visit such, as residents of a local care home or a group with specific challenges. This could be combined with another activity such as baking cupcakes for them or with them, or organising a sporting activity.

This project is suitable for all ages and abilities.

  • Make or Bake Organise an activity such as crafts, arts, baking or cooking project to produce items which can be donated to a local or international On our available projects page we have a number of charities that would love for you to make cards, bags and more and then post it to them!

This project is suitable for all but particularly suited to young families.

  • Collectathon Organise a collection for a charity in need of something e.g. books, drawing and art equipment. This could also be a food drive for a local foodbank.

For a list of available projects please visit and contact for further information or advice