How to plan the perfect young person’s Mitzvah Day



Thinking about a meaningful Mitzvah Day project for your cheder, Scout group or youth movement?

 Chederim and youth groups are a perfect place for Mitzvah Day activities. They are filled with young people keen to help their community and see a difference being made.

 The top consideration is whether to plan a trip to volunteer elsewhere, or stay put and do social action in-house. Either way, there is great potential for a fantastic Mitzvah Day.


Mitzvah Day is a chance for your group to:


  • Launch a new programme of social action.
  • Highlight and complement your existing social action programme.
  • Tie in with your existing charity of the year or build a relationship with a new charity.
  • Engage participants who may be less involved in other ways.
  • Use a one day, no-commitment project to appeal to young people who are looking for a way into your movement without wanting to commit to regular meetings or longer camps.
  • Enhance your profile in national media – Mitzvah Day grows and generates bigger positive headlines year on year and your movement can connect to that publicity and be a part of a dynamic international movement.
  • Develop local groups – part of Mitzvah Day’s success has been connecting Jewish communities with local charities, shelters and foodbanks and you could use it to highlight any regional/local projects that you want to work with.


Our Top tips for young people’s activities are:


  • Make or Bake Organise an activity such as crafts, arts, baking or cooking project to produce items which can be donated to a local or international On our available projects page we have a number of charities that would love for you to make cards, bags and more and then post it to them!
  •  Mitzvah Day B’Bayit Invite people in to visit, such as a residents of a local care home or a group with specific challenges. This could be combined with another activity such as baking cupcakes for them or with them, or organising a sporting activity.
  • Sunshine to Seniors Bring a little joy to service users in local care homes or day centres (Jewish and non-Jewish) – befriending, playing cards or singing. This is particularly meaningful for a school choir or dance troop 
  • Put on your wellies Environmental projects: contact a local charity to see if they have any gardening that they need help with; you could ask an environmental charity if there are any tree planting or landscaping events needed. Despite the cold weather, it is the perfect time for a lot of gardening work.

 Available projects are on the website take a look and contact for further information or advice