How to run a Make or Bake Project


Organise a crafts, arts, baking or cooking project to produce items which can be donated to a charity e.g. gift boxes for Barnardos, decorated household items for shelters, or cupcakes or biscuits for a Day Centre. This project is ideal for children, and those with artistic flair.

Before Mitzvah Day

Find a charity
You may already know of or be working with a local charity. Contact them to find out what particular items or foods that they would welcome. Alternatively, look at the Available Projects page of our website, for some ideas.

Register here.

Organise a team of helpers to make sure that you have all the resources that will be needed, e.g. boxes to decorate, stationary, ingredients to cook/bake etc. Make sure there will be enough people to oversee the project and help out with the making. Plan timings for the event and organise when and how the finished items will be delivered to the charity and someone to take photos.

Invite a speaker from the charity to talk about the work they do, or arrange a visit. Ask the charity to send you some information that can be used to encourage people to participate. Alternatively, the charity website will have information you can print out for this purpose.

Advertise your Make or Bake project in your community in advance. Let them know, what you are making, for which charity and how they can join in.

On Mitzvah Day

Activity Area
Make sure that your activity areas are easily identifiable by decorating with Mitzvah Day bunting, balloons, posters and so on. Also make sure that they are well stocked with everything that is needed for the activity.

Allocate roles to ensure that the items are made, and arrange for suitable containers to deliver the items to your charity at the agreed time.

Thank your volunteers, donors and all those involved and encourage them to get involved in the future with the charity they made or baked for.

Send Mitzvah Day some photos and let us know about your successful Mitzvah Day Make or Bake Project!