How to run a Mitzvah Day Office Project


Mitzvah Day Offices

Mitzvah Day brings thousands of people together to give their time, not their money, to make a difference to the local community around them. It reaches out to people of all ages and affiliations. Above all, it is confident and outward facing, based on our willingness to give back.

How can your Office get involved?

We invite your office to get involved and ‘Give Away Your Lunch’. The project will run on the Friday before Mitzvah Day and links offices with local charities for homeless people. The aim is a longer term relationship between the offices and charities. Your colleagues will be asked to give away their lunch, (or to buy a lunch item to donate) and then representatives from the office will deliver the food and learn a little more about the charity.

This is just one idea for your office to be a part of this year’s Mitzvah Day, if you would like to get more hands on why not try one of the following;

Put on your Wellies – Improve the environment through local initiatives

Mitzvah Day Shopping – Asking shoppers to buy and donate extra items outside a shop

Collectathon for Refugees – Collect for your local food bank or shelter 

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