How to run a Youth Movement Mitzvah Day


What is Mitzvah Day

Mitzvah Day is an international day of social action and giving, led from within the Jewish community. On Mitzvah Day, participants give their time, not their money, running projects which build genuine connections between local communities and charities.

37000 people take part in Mitzvah Day projects across 20 countries benefiting over 150 charities. Youth Movements often run a number of Mitzvah Day projects aimed at the different age groups that they work with.

Mitzvah Day this year is on Sunday 22nd November. Please be in touch with Dan

about planning your projects on 020 3747 9960 or

How can you benefit?

Launch a new programme of Social Action for your movement.

Highlight and complement your own Social Action/ Social Justice programme.

Tie in with your supported charity of the year or build a relationship with a new charity.

You could follow up your Mitzvah Day project with similar or repeated projects during the year supporting the same charity. We encourage many of our Partners to reconnect with their charities at specific points in the year such as Purim by giving mishloach manot or Pesach with our Give Away Your Chametz project, so you can extend its value beyond the day itself.

Engage chanichim who may be less involved in other parts of the movement.

As a one day, no-commitment project, it can appeal to young people who are looking for a way into your movement without wanting to commit to regular meetings or longer camps.

Engage parts of your movement that are more difficult to access (e.g. bogrim) by running a specific project for them.

Enhance your profile in national media – Mitzvah Day grows and generates bigger positive headlines each year and your movement can connect to that larger publicity and be a part of a dynamic international movement.

Develop local groups – part of Mitzvah Day’s success has been connecting Jewish communities with local charities, shelters and foodbanks and you could use it to highlight any regional/local programmes that you run.

Things to think about

Think about the group doing your project – chanichim, bogrim etc. and consider clashes in their timetables e.g. Cheder.

You could run your Mitzvah Day as part of your Shabbat activities e.g. visiting residents of an old age home, maybe even conducting a Shabbat service with them.

Whilst you might include a speaker or other learning, remember the day is about doing.

Make your event active, social and focused on issues or charities that your members care about and will continue to support.

Project Ideas

Please check our website for more ideas and a list of available projects.

Sunshine to Seniors
Visit a care home to chat, entertain, arrange an activity, or serve tea to the residents and staff. This rewarding project can be achieved in many ways by a variety of different age groups.

Mitzvah Day Shopping
Collect food items from shoppers outside a supermarket and deliver to a foodbank, homeless shelter or refuge. A great project for all ages and a fantastic joint project across different communities.

Honour our Armed Forces
Attend the AJEX Parade on 15th November 2015, or make greeting or thank you cards for the Armed Forces. This is a great project for 5-11 year olds, youth groups, adults, families and active older people.

Put on your Wellies
Any outdoor project that helps to improve the environment for public benefit such as helping out on a local farm, cleaning up a cemetery, a park, an outdoor area of a care home, planting trees.

There are lots of charities who would greatly welcome new and gently used items. This project is great for all age groups, is simple to organise, and can be done in conjunction with another project.

Room Makeover
Help out a charity in need of a room makeover or some painting and decorating. This project is ideal for those aged16 years and upwards.