“Do a Mitzvah” – the MD theme by Gary Plotkin

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We are incredibly grateful to the wonderfully talented Gary Plotkin who has composed a special Mitzvah Day song in honour of our 10th anniversary.



Music and Lyrics by Gary Plotkin 




It’s a bright exciting world
But it’s filled with problems ev’ryday
To be a good kid you must do your part
No you can’t just turn, just turn away

Do a mitzvah:
Give your mom help with those groc’ries
Do a mitzvah:
Put your dad’s tool set away
Give a senior your seat
Help a child ‘cross the street
Do a mitzvah, a mitzvah today

Yeah, the world’s a wond’rous place
But it’s filled with problems old and new
Take a look, you’ll see, unfortunately
You’ll never be without good deeds to do

Do a mitzvah:
Join a green-the-planet network
Do a mitzvah:
Help the poor in Zimbawe
Form a trash pick-up group
Bring the hungry some soup
Do a mitzvah
A mitzvah, today

These mitzvahs can be a strain, it’s true
At times they’ll be crampin’ your style
But as soon as you see the good they do
Oh, how they make your heart smile

Do a mitzvah: Take a real good look around you
Do a mitzvah: There’s a lot that’s not okay
So get going, we say
Ain’t a time to delay
Do a mitzvah, a mitzvah today
Do a mitzvah, a mitzvah today
Do a mitzvah, a mitzvah today