Let’s get together

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Let’s get together… yeah, yeah, yeah, but what does it really mean to us and why does it matter?

Coming together is core to Mitzvah Day, everything we do is about bringing people together, so what makes this year any different?

Throughout the pandemic we have been forced apart, we’ve realised how painful it is to be isolated from the people we care about, and everyone has been impacted in different ways based on our individual circumstances. Now, with deep gratitude to the incredible scientists and dedicated vaccinators we’ve been able to reunite with our family, friends and community, but it isn’t enough.

For Mitzvah Day togetherness is more than just about coming together with those in our immediate network. Covid has forced us to take another look at what community means to us and so many of us have connected with our neighbours and local area in ways we never imagined. We saw a huge increase in kindness and social action as we checked on one another and organised hundreds of street collections for local food banks, however charities are now seeing a drop off in their volunteers and support. Mitzvah Day is the boost in our calendar to highlight and reinvigorate our social action initiatives.

Togetherness is about establishing connections and building unbreakable bonds and relationships with those outside of our familiar circles. It’s about getting to know incredible people from all walks of life, religions, cultures and backgrounds and seeing the world from a brand-new perspective as a result.

Interfaith relationships are of utmost importance to Mitzvah Day, because through the act of coming together to do hands-on social action projects, we build friendships and get to know each other on a much more personal level. As these friendships grow and develop, we learn how much we actually have in common, giving us the opportunity to ask the questions we may have been too afraid to ask, as well as listening to new ideas and opinions without judgement and working towards a more cohesive society. Faith leaders and members of different religious groups join us on Mitzvah Day committed to building bridges between their communities and to do their best to help others through social action. We know that local community needs have not diminished and, in some cases, continue to rise. Last year we focussed on addressing food poverty and loneliness through befriending projects and this remains an essential component as food banks continue to experience increased demand and care homes still face restrictions and cannot welcome entertainment and groups.

We are so happy to have established amazing Mitzvah Day projects that address key societal challenges and alongside this the important, life-long connections, friendships and community relationships!

We can’t wait to build new ones with you all in November, to see some familiar faces, and hopefully even more new ones!