Mitzvah Day is Going Greener for 2019

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This year Mitzvah Day has the brand new theme of Going Greener – offering a range of exciting new projects for 2019, as well as ideas and ways to make your long-standing projects more environmentally-friendly.

For 2019 we are asking our coordinators and volunteers to ‘plant, clean or make your project green’. To find out why and how, please read our FAQ below.

Why is Mitzvah Day Going Greener?

As well as the moral and ethical imperative to look after our environment, as Jews we also have a clear directive to protect the planet. There are many Jewish texts that encourage and command us to do so and these are also present as guiding principles for other faith groups and people of no faith. Adam & Eve are charged to ‘serve & preserve’ the Garden of Eden in Genesis/Bereshit and we can take a clear message here of our responsibility to protect the planet. It’s up to all of us to look after the earth.

A key part of Mitzvah Day is bringing people together and green projects are something that people of all backgrounds and faiths can unite to undertake, particularly as we can see the deep impacts of climate change and the damage to the ecosystem.

What are some of the new project ideas?

We have lots of brand new environmentally friendly available projects, with more due to be added between now and November. Just click here (link to to see them.

General ideas you can organise yourselves include:

  • Planting projects: Planting trees and wildflowers will have a long-lasting impact on our environment by improving biodiversity and counteracting CO2 emissions.
  • Clean-up projects: To organise a litter pick in your local area, reach out to the council for equipment, high-visibility vests and directions. You could also arrange a cemetery clean-up project.
  • Reusing and up cycling projects: Rather than throwing things away or recycling let’s turn it into something new! Plastic bags, old t-shirts, furniture and more can all be refreshed, donated and reused.
  • Collecting: Prevent textiles and other items from going to landfill, by collecting and donating to charity. Whether it’s an old bike that could be donated and made new again or old T-shirts that could be turned into dog toys, there are plenty of creative projects you could try out.

How else can I make my Mitzvah Day more sustainable?

We believe that it is possible, and easy, to make Mitzvah Day projects greener. Maybe you’re able to walk or cycle to your Mitzvah Day project, rather than driving? If you’re hosting a tea or meal then could you move away from single-use plastic and use ceramic, bamboo or vegware instead?

There are lots more ways to make your existing longstanding projects greener. The Mitzvah Day team is here to help you think through ways to do this so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 Is this just a one-day thing?

 No! Our emphasis on the environment is not just for Mitzvah Day 2019 but part of our continuing commitment to protecting the planet.

Last year we ensured that our merchandise was as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible. We believe this is a long-term endeavour that requires broad action and we hope that this will continue to feed into our communities and society at large.