Be a stamp collector for a good cause

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Support RNIB by donating your used stamps and we’ll recycle them into much-needed funds.

Be a stamp collector for a good cause

  • Step 1: Get pre-paid collection envelopes or boxes for your stamps by completing the request form, or by calling our Helpline on 0303 123 9999.
  • Step 2: Start collecting stamps as they come through your post box or at your work. Stamps don’t need to be thoroughly sorted, but it helps if you can separate them into British and foreign stamps (Channel Islands and Isle of Man count as foreign). Make sure you leave a centimetre of envelope or packaging around each stamp.
  • Step 3: Pack up your envelope or box, and pop it in the post using our pre-paid address labels. 

Request stamp envelopes or boxes

How stamps make a difference

By collecting stamps you’re helping to break down the barriers that stop people with sight loss living life to the full. We accept all stamps: new or used, first of second class, foreign, first day covers, presentation packs or albums. Stamps are sold by weight and we raise £20 per kilogram of stamps, so it’s a brilliant way to raise money.

Get everyone involved

Saving stamps is an easy way to support us at home, work, or in your local community. You can request a handy little collection box for your office reception or local community centre. We’ve put together a Q and A and some posters so you can get your friends, family and work colleagues involved too: