Bloody Good Period – collect sanitary supplies for asylum seekers, refugees & those who can’t afford them

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Period supplies are not cheap. But they are essential. 
Bloody Good Period take your donations and supply them to asylum seeker drop-in centres and food banks in London and throughout the UK.
They work to end period poverty on the ground by giving these products to those who can’t afford them, and providing long term menstrual education to those less likely to access it.

Everyone deserves a Bloody Good Period!

The average lifetime cost of having a period is approximately £4800. We think it’s madness that sanitary products are not free for those who can’t afford them.

Asylum Seekers receive a paltry £37.75  per week to live on. Contrary to what some media outlets would have you believe, they are not allowed to work, and cannot claim any benefits. On top of all this, many people seeking asylum have incredibly heavy periods due to the stress and trauma of being displaced. Many resort to using toilet paper, scraps of fabric, or nothing at all.

Bloody Good Period want to end period poverty by giving these products to those who can’t afford them.

Running a Bloody Good Collection

Running a Bloody Good Period collection is a great opportunity to make a big impact in the fight against period poverty, so we want to help you make the most of it! Here are some top tips and ideas to help you reach more people and receive more donations:

Set Up a Donation Box – Why not set up a donation box in your office, your school or university or your local place of worship? By having a donation box people can drop off their items easily during the time you’re running your collection.

Hold a Pad Party – Want to have a fabulously sociable time whilst ending period poverty? Then hold a pad party! Invite your friends over for tea and cake, brunch or dinner, where all guests bring their donations and a chat about period poverty is on the menu (other topics of conversation are also available!).

Get shouting on social – Social media is the most effective way to quickly reach people and raise awareness about your collection. When people donate, tag them in thank you posts along with photos of their donations (or you with the donations!).

What Items do Bloody Good Period Collect?
When running your collection, it’s important to know which items Bloody Good Period collects and distributes to drop-ins. Sometimes people have really great intentions but can go slightly off-piste with items they choose to donate, so by using the list below you can ensure that you collect the items that are in demand.
The items most in demand are as follows:
Sanitary towels of all descriptions! Daytime, nighttime, normal, maxi, with wings, without wings… we bloody love them all! We are often low on night pads.
Shampoo and Conditioner. We are particularly in need of shampoo and conditioner suitable for afro hair, and bottles of 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner
Toothbrushes and toothpaste – Including children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste
Shower gel
Moisturiser, including hand creams

We also collect the following items:
Tampons. We find that tampons are generally less popular amongst the people who receive Bloody Good Period donations, and so we recommend prioritising donations of sanitary towels over tampons where possible.
Menstrual Cups. Great for the environment, but not everyone’s cup of tea! Menstrual Cups will be distributed to asylum seekers and refugees who attend our CupAware workshops, who have learnt about cups and decided that they’d like to give them a try.
Tena Pants (in all sizes, for all ladies, but particularly large and extra large!)
Nappies (all sizes, but in particular sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6)
Wet wipes
Children’s underwear (new, unused)
Adult’s underwear (new, unused)

Bloody Good Period are unable to accept opened or lose items (such as lose tampons or sanitary towels), so please make sure all donations are new, unopened packets. Thank you!

Once you’ve run your collection, please contact Raina Roberts our Collections Coordinator to arrange delivery to our storage unit: Bloody Good Period, SafeStore, Alexandra Palace Way, London N8 7HP. As the storage unit is entirely volunteer run, and a volunteer must be on site to receive the delivery, it’s helpful to arrange the delivery of the collection at least a week in advance, to allow time for arrangements to be made. If you plan to send your collection by post, then again please let the Collections Coordinator know so that they can ensure that the volunteers at the storage unit keep an eye out for its safe delivery.  All parcels should include a note saying who the collection has been sent by so that we know that it’s from you!

Raina Roberts – collections@