Collect Vital Supplies for Refugee Camps

Category: Collectathon

It is estimated that there are now over 1,300 refugees fleeing war-torn and environmentally destitute countries, currently living in inhumane conditions across Calais and Dunkirk, with further unidentified numbers at other sites elsewhere along the northern French coast.

Of those figures, a large number are women and young children from as little as two months old. The United Nations (UN) has reiterated time and time again that refugees are living in “inhumane” conditions in northern France with no toilets and only polluted rivers to wash in, whilst few official aid agencies are on the ground to assist them survive these harsh realities.

As the cold winter descends and the numbers of refugees increase, the largely volunteer, civilian-led groups working 24/7 with no pay, are struggling to meet demands for even the basics – especially whilst local police and border control agencies continue to practice a policy of zero tolerance and hostility. Such tactics include destroying tents, sleeping bags and documentation on a weekly or bi-weekly basis; taking a single shoe from any refugees they meet so as to make onward journeys more difficult; and more recently, pretending to drive refugees to already packed detention centres, and instead dumping them in the middle of emptied fields.

OR’s Refugee Aid Team are looking for your help to collect much needed items for immediate distribution directly to the intended recipients by partnering expert volunteer groups working on the ground.

The items currently most in need are:

– Sleeping bags

– Tents: especially for families (there are over 400 families with young children in Dunkirk alone, and single-man tents are too small). 4-6 person tents desperately needed.

– Camping/outdoor kettles (to be used on open fires so people can stay warm through the night / use for hot water bottles)

– Hot water bottles (children and adults)

– Emergency foil blankets

– Ponchos / raincoats (adults and children)

Please note: all goods MUST be brand new, out of respect for each refugee the good is being gifted to.

Please contact Onjali Rauf via email – to discuss how you can help.