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The Joely Bear Appeal was launched in January 1995 in memory of Joel Renak, who died aged 4 from a rare form of liver cancer. Over the years, Joely Bear has collected over 10,000 units of blood (effecting up to 30,000 patients) and raised more than £300,000 for charitable projects. We know that with your help we can continue this vital work.

The need for regular blood donors cannot be stressed too highly. Everyone expects blood to be available whenever it’s required, whether for surgery or for treating patients with other illnesses especially cancer. Unfortunately only one in twenty of the population who are able to be donors actually give blood regularly and the appeal is active in promoting the importance of doing so. By running three blood donor sessions each year and creating a supportive, family atmosphere at our sessions we encourage all those who are able to contribute.

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The Project

We’re looking for healthy volunteers aged 17 and over to donate blood and save lives. Giving blood takes just one hour out of your day and within two weeks, the blood donated there will have been put to essential, life saving use. Whether this is in routine or emergency surgery, treatments for cancer and many other major illnesses and diseases. Without blood donors, these surgeries and treatments would not be possible.

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