Join with “Fans Supporting Food Banks” and help to provide much needed items

Fans Supporting Foodbanks was established in 2015 by Liverpool fan, Ian Byrne and Everton fan, Dave Kelly, with the slogan, “Hunger Doesn’t Wear Club Colours”.

Ian Byrne is a Labour councilor for Everton and is one of the founders of the successful charitable organisation Fans Supporting Foodbanks and is also involved with the Spirit of Shankly Liverpool Supporters union. Here he explains how FSF (Fans Supporting Foodbanks) came about.

“Fan Supporting Foodbanks was an initiative started by Spirit of Shankly & Everton Supporters Trust three years ago in light of the food poverty epidemic enveloping our communities.

“This was brought into stark realisation when myself and fellow co-founder Dave Kelly, of Everton Supporters Trust, were shown a community foodbank and the paucity of the level of stock shocked us that this was happening in our communities due to political choices being made by the current government. Foodbanks have exploded since 2010 and advent of austerity. We came out and asked what we could do and the idea of FSF was born.

“The idea was to encourage fans to donate food before the game at both Anfield & Goodison and help to encourage awareness and help to ensure the foodbanks in North Liverpool had more provision. We set up a partnership with Trussell Trust North Liverpool Foodbanks who had the expertise to distribute the food we collected and over the last three years have signed partnerships with both clubs to give us the ability to collect in the footprint of both stadiums at every match. We now collect over 20% of all donations to North Liverpool Foodbanks. This is staggering that football fans, that much maligned species are now contributing to aid our communities.”

“FSF has now grown throughout the country with many clubs including Newcastle, West Ham and Man Utd to Doncaster, Leeds and many more throughout the UK. We donate to all clubs who are part of FSF when we travel away and this demonstration of working class solidarity between fans is one of our proudest achievements. We now work throughout our communities in schools, churches, mosques, synagogues  and any organisation we feel can help spread our ethos of community solidarity mirroring our hashtag:

“We welcome all donations and you can drop off at Home baked, club shop and at our van next to the club zone on Anfield Road.”

Almost 8,000 people used North Liverpool Foodbank during the last financial year. That figure is up to 4,800 already during the current financial year (since April).

For more details about how to get involved  and to arrange for a speaker to come and present to your community please contact Ian –