Make Bunting for The Together Plan

Category: Arts and Crafts

Can you help to decorate communal spaces?

The Together Plan was started by Debra Brunner as a volunteer in 2009. The focus of the project was to share skills with community members in Polotsk and in some way help them to learn how to help themselves. There were many challenges and it became clear that there were also other communities in Belarus in need of support; some Reform, some Orthodox, some secular with many disconnected Jewish people and no community at all.

The Together Plan would like volunteers to make bunting that can be used to decorate communal spaces. Ideally the bunting should be decorated with images that mark key festivals.

Shabbat Bunting could include pictures of Candles, Wine Bottles, Cups, Challot.
Passover Bunting could include pictures of the items found on a Seder Plate.
Channukah Bunting could have pictures of Menorah or Dreidels.
Sukkot Bunting could have pictures of Fruits and Flowers.
You could even make bunting for life events such as Bar/Batmitzvah or Weddings.

Once you have completed your bunting please contact Debra Brunner to organise delivery –

There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube with instructions on how to make “no-sew” bunting such as or