Interfaith Sports Day 21st August- South Africa

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The Rohan Bloom Interfaith Sports Day is an annual event that brings together teenagers from four different faith-based community schools, to create a day that is dedicated to celebrating sport and diversity in a spirit of mutual respect and fair play. If you happen to be in Cape Town then why not join in the fun on August 21st?

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As a Public Benefit Organization, the Rohan Bloom Foundation is committed to building the first Specialized Paediatric Palliative Care In-Patient Hospice in Cape Town, offering the necessary palliative care to the patient as well as restoring their dignity, whilst ensuring emotional and psychological support for the family. Cancer does not discriminate between race, religion and/or gender, so Rohan House would cater for all children, irrespective of their background, social standing or demographic. The Foundation aims to harness the skills, resources and inspiration to create a blueprint for similar facilities across South Africa for terminally ill children and their families.

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