Send Personalised Cards directly to Care Home Residents with Cards For Humanity

Category: Befriending

Make and send handmade cards, to cheer up elderly residents in care homes across the country. They have been in lockdown since March. Post is something that brings a smile to their faces, and are kept by the residents to help brighten up rooms. Handmade post can feel even more meaningful. So we’ve been coordinating with care homes, both Jewish and non-Jewish, whose residents would love to receive anything at all from cards to letters, from paintings to poems! All contributions are welcome.

The type of help needed:
Calling on volunteers to make cards, letters, paintings and poems, and pop them in the post!

First names of residents can be provided to personalise your messages (as well as correct addresses).

Anyone can participate, toddlers, children, teens and adults, whether you’re arty, crafty, or not at all, you can send something personal to show you care. You can make as many as you like.

Please be in touch with Debby if you would like more details –

social media: @Debbyifield on Instagram, Debby Ifield on Facebook