Spread the word about carrier screening for Jewish genetic disorders

Spread the word about carrier screening for Jewish genetic disorders

Please help us to raise awareness about screening by engaging with our social media campaign.

Brief description of the project:

The London Beth Din call screening ‘a fulfilment of the mitzvah ’you shall take care of your health’ to undertake those measures that can prevent illness in our lives and thereby enhance the health of the community’. This Mitzvah Day we are asking people to share our social media post, raising awareness about the Jnetics screening clinic: this is celebrating a year since opening last November. By simply sharing our Mitzvah Day screening post you will extend our awareness raising reach substantially so more people will know how to access this responsible and incredibly important community service.

About us:

Jnetics is the only UK-based charity dedicated to improving the prevention and management of Jewish genetic disorders (JGDs). These are disorders which the Jewish people have an increased risk of inheriting relative to the general population.

Jnetics offers carrier screening for 9 of the most severe recessive genetic disorders. This involves providing a small saliva sample so that it can be tested to determine if there are changes to a gene which is associated with a genetic disorder. If such changes to the gene are identified, the person being screened is known as a ‘carrier’ for the condition.

1 in 5 people of Ashkenazi origin is a carrier of at least one severe recessive JGD.

Carriers of recessive disorders, although unaffected themselves, are at risk of having an affected child if their partner is also a carrier of the same disorder. Knowing that you are a carrier arms you with the knowledge to consider various options in order to prevent having an affected child, even if both you and your partner are carriers for the same disorder.

Our screening panel is relevant to anyone aged 16+ who has at least one Ashkenazi grandparent. It is particularly recommended to anyone planning to start or expand their existing family.

We are very excited that this month we are celebrating 1 year since our dedicated Jnetics Clinic launched in partnership with London North West University NHS Trust and Liverpool Women’s Hospital. The clinic, based at Barnet Hospital, delivers responsible screening and provides a virtual screening service nationally. Appointments are available on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month and must be booked online via this link.

For more information contact info@jnetics.org or give us a call on 020 8123 5022