Volunteer for René Cassin’s Jewish Visitors Group

René Cassin is a charity working to promote and protect universal human rights, drawing on Jewish experience and values.
We achieve this by campaigning for change in defined human rights areas – through a combination of advocacy, policy analysis, public campaigning and education and building the capacity of activists to promote and protect human rights.
More information on our website: http://www.renecassin.org/

This Mitzvah Day we have a number of ways to get involved.

Volunteer for René Cassin’s Jewish Visitors Group:
René Cassin is looking for volunteers to join our group who visit detainees being held in immigration detention centres around the UK.

The UK is the only country in Europe to still practise indefinite immigration detention. Detention is a traumatic, mentally crushing, dehumanising experience. Motivated by Jewish teaching and values, René Cassin’s Jewish volunteers group acts as a lifeline for detainees.
You can read more about the group and sign up here: http://www.Renécassin.org/solidarity-as-a-jewish-value-setting-up-a-jewish-visitors-group/

Share your Human Rights story:
Everyone has a human rights story. Most UK children growing up today can take for granted the rights that would have seemed fantastical to their forbearers, such as: the right to education, the right to freedom and shelter, the right to freedom of expression. Our lives are underpinned by a network of rights every day: the right to freedom of religion, the right to freedom of association, the right to marriage and family.
Our Jewish experience and values teach us the importance of individual rights and the dangers of when they are denied or abused.
At a time when the very concept of human rights is under threat it is important more than ever to celebrate the positives of the human rights.
This Mitzvah day we are asking you to share your human rights story #MyUDHRLegacy:
In this year, the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), share with us your ‘UDHR legacy’ – how human rights have been important in your life and how you have been able to enjoy them. We will then include your story in our social media campaign highlighting the support that human rights have across the Jewish community had the benefits they have brought to us as individuals and as a community. 

Organize a Human Rights education event in your community:
Human rights are integrally linked to the Jewish experience both religious and historically and the Jewish community’s voice has often been at the forefront of Human Rights campaigns. At a time when there is growing momentum behind some of our key campaigns and emerging challenges to the concepts of Human Rights it is important more than ever to continue raising human rights awareness in the Jewish community.
We run dynamic educational workshops, activities and talks for many ages and experience levels, and we work with schools, community organisations and synagogues to create bespoke educational materials.
In all our resources and sessions, we aim to show the Jewish connection to an issue, be this through Jewish values, Jewish text or Jewish experience.

To find out more please visit our website – http://www.renecassin.org/

Or email Sam Alston – sam.alston@renecassin.org