Mitzvah Day 365 project brings Purim cheer

Mitzvah Day 365 project brings Purim cheer
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More than 30 volunteers, led Rabbi Naftali and Dina Brawer, took part in a joint Mishkan and Mitzvah Day project for Purim – packing 150 parcels of goodies at JW3, which were then taken to St Mungo’s homeless shelters and a Catholic Church soup kitchen around London.

The project was entitled ‘Bring Purim Cheer’, and came out of the idea that on Purim we give gifts to our friends and neighbours.

In an exclusive video interview with the Jewish News, Rabbi Brawer said: “At JW3, we made lots of extra hamantaschen and Purim goodies. Everyone was then designated a shelter to go and visit in order to bring some joy to people.”

He added: “Judaism needs to be outward facing. We have an abundance of joy within our community, but what about those outside – both outside of our Jewish community, and those on the margins of society like homeless people. We need to take our Purim cheer and shine it out.”

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