Sunshine to Seniors – How to run a Care Home Project

Sunshine to Seniors – How to run a Care Home Project

“Who is wise? One who learns from every person” – Ben Zoma

Visiting a Care Home to chat, entertain, arrange an activity such as a quiz or a craft project that the residents can join in with, or serving tea to the residents and staff is a fantastic project for all age groups.

Find a local Care Home or Day Centre to visit.
You may already know of a Care Home or Day Centre that you can contact to establish that they are happy to receive a group of visitors on Mitzvah Day. Alternatively, the Mitzvah Day Office can help you find one. Visits to any Jewish Care home can only be arranged through the Mitzvah Day office, so please contact us and we will help to facilitate this.

Arrangements with the Care Home
It is important to contact the Home before hand, to discuss the size of group, best time for a visit, and which specific activities they would prefer such as reading, playing music, singing songs, playing games.

Please ensure that you have  all the necessary equipment and permissions and check any Insurance, DBS and Health and Safety requirements, and if you are planning to take photos on the day, ensure that the Home has had consent from their residents. Ask if you can visit in advance to put up some balloons and bunting.

Organise a group of people and decide what your group will do at the Home. Once your plans are in place, make sure that all of your volunteers are fully briefed, so that they feel confident on the day. Coordinate travel arrangements so that your group arrives at the same time. Make sure you have the contact details of the senior staff member on duty at the Home and have agreed visiting times and activities. Ensure you have any resources you need to take with for your activity if appropriate. Allocate someone to take photos.

On Mitzvah Day

Make sure that your group are equipped with Mitzvah Day Merchandise. Please arrive on time as being late will disrupt the Home’s timetable, can upset the residents and frustrate the staff. Ensure that the Group Leader has the Contact details of the person in the Home or Day Centre. Be prepared to be flexible and proactive to accommodate the residents and service users.

Thank your volunteers, residents and the staff and find out if the Home would welcome visitors on other days during the year.

Send Mitzvah Day some before, during and after high resolution photos and do remember to share them on social media, tagging Mitzvah Day @mitzvahday, use the hashtag #mitzvahday and let us know about your successful Bring Sunshine to Seniors Project!