Promote the universal rights of all people with help from René Cassin. Run a Human Rights themed event.

About René Cassin

René Cassin’s vision is of a world where everyone fully enjoys all their human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and members of the Jewish community are actively engaged in promoting and protecting these rights, both within the community and in concert with stakeholders outside of the community.

Our Mission is to promote and protect the universal rights of all people, drawing on Jewish experiences and values.

We do that by celebrating the timeless and universal nature of human rights values and protections; the distinctive Jewish contribution to the current landscape of international human rights; and the particular historical role played by our namesake, Monsieur René Cassin, to the development of contemporary human rights values in the aftermath of the Second World War.

We continuously advocate within the Jewish community on the importance of human rights, of the many Jewish contributions to their design and development, and the contemporary importance of human rights, and we engage with issues and communities outside our community where we feel that much stronger human rights protections should apply and which resonate with Jewish historical experience. Current examples include our work on indefinite detention. modern day slavery and the discrimination faced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.


Opportunities for collaboration

We have worked successfully in the past with various stakeholder groups within the Jewish community (e.g. youth movements, Rabbis, communal organisations, schools etc.) and we are always keen to expand our engagement with the community.

As part of work we are able to provided information, resources, speakers and sessions on the following topics:

  • Human Rights 101
  • Modern Day Slavery and human trafficking
  • Safeguarding modern day human rights protections
  • The Jewish connection to Human Rights (Jewish human rights heroes, Jewish text and Jewish experience)
  • The refugee ‘crisis’
  • The immigration Detention System
  • Discrimination of Minorities (Gypsy, Roma and Traveller discrimination)
  • Hate Crime

In all our resources and sessions, we aim to show the Jewish connection to an issue, be this through Jewish text or Jewish experience.

There are a number of ways we would be happy to work with you this year:

Bespoke Campaign work: We can provide all of the below options whilst working with a small group of your members to run a human rights campaign that is connected to the work of your community. We can do this by providing support through monthly meetings either online or in person. We will inform and guide the group from setting attainable campaign goals and rallying support for what they want to achieve. An example of this could be a campaign against pregnant women being put in immigration detention.

Training: Training provided to educational / social action leadership team on a specific or general human rights issue.

Madrichim Training: Training madrichim on how to educate about human rights areas, giving them enough knowledge to be confident to run sessions on human rights issues to younger chanichim.

Providing resources: We have often provided resources on all of the above human rights areas. We have written articles, give advice and  provideinformation on all our campaign areas.

Regular human rights information: We can provide regular briefings in any of our defined human rights area.

Opportunities for your members

There are also opportunities for community members to work with us on an individual level through our work experience programme , intern programme, or our specific campaigning groups. 

Visit us at

We also run the René Cassin Fellowship Programme which is aimed at young professionals who want to learn more about human rights. This programme takes ten UK fellows every year and may be right for some of your older members

We run regular high level speaker events which your members might find interesting from politicians to QCs to senior Rabbis.

Please contact Mia for more details.