What they said

“I was delighted to recently see, first-hand, some of the important work that Mitzvah Day and Sadaqa Day are doing. It is all too easy for voluntary work to go unsung, but it is exactly initiatives like this that help to build the social fabric of our country.”

Prime Minster,  Theresa May

“I am proud to have taken part in many Mitzvah Day events. Mitzvah Day is a brilliant initiative which brings people from different backgrounds together with one united goal.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

“Mitzvah Day is an excellent example of how people from all walks of life come together, and it shows how easy it is to put Jewish values into action for the benefit of all communities.”

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

“I have an enormous amount of pride in the generosity, selflessness and community engagement shown on Mitzvah Day. In this challenged world, we must strengthen links and build bridges for tolerance and harmony.”

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

“Mitzvah Day is a unique event in that it not only brings together our own individual Jewish communities to help others, but unites ALL branches of Judaism and ALL religions.”

Rabbi Danny Rich Senior Rabbi of Liberal Judaism

“Mitzvah Day has become a powerful movement for change, harnessing the enthusiasm of thousands of people who want to give their time to make a difference in their communities.”

Former Prime Minister David Cameron

“Mitzvah Day is a model for social action. It reflects the values that liberals hold dear, bringing people together to make a difference to their local communities. It’s about empowerment, responsibility and integration.”

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron

“Mitzvah Day has become a shining illustration of social action. It does everything that powerful and effective social action should do. It unites, it inspires, and it is creative. But above all it is hands on. It is effective and it makes thing happen.”

Ed Miliband Former Labour Party leader

“As a Muslim, it was an honour and such a pleasure to work side by side with my Jewish brothers and sisters on Mitzvah Day, working towards one goal. New friends were made and thus new bridges created between our very similar worlds and faiths.”

Onjali Rauf Founder and director of the women’s rights charity Making Herstory

“Mitzvah Day is an impressive example of how barriers between faith communities can be overcome through good will and social action.”

Stephen Timms Chair of the APPG on Faith and Society

Last year a wonderful thing happened to us here at Dashwood House. We received a massive food bank donation arranged by Mitzvah Day. We are a hostel for vulnerable young women near Notting Hill Gate. The donation helped keep many of our clients safe. It may have saved a life. But certainly, just knowing that someone cares can make a difference.”

Jonathan Dashwood House

“Philanthropy and support for the wider community have always been core Jewish values, as has our commitment to social action. Mitzvah Day is a wonderful expression of these values as well as an expression of our duties as European citizens.”

Dr Moshe Kantor President of the European Jewish Congress