Goods for Good crayon appeal

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GOODS FOR GOOD (GLOBAL) is a UK registered charity that donates private sector overstock and community donations of goods to registered charities worldwide. Its mission is to lessen the burden of poverty and suffering by providing donated goods to organisations that request support (and also in the event of an international disaster) and where specific goods have been requested. The charity is a member of a group of charities in Europe, who are also experts in international relief delivery.


The Project

We will be collecting school stationery for the 50 refugee camps in Kurdistan & Syria (where we regularly send clothing, shoes, blankets, and medicines, too).

The reason why the ask is small, (and only for stationery listed below) is that our premises and capacity is very small and we can’t absorb large quantities at one time. 

This is what we are asking for (donated stationery should be new, and can be given from goods already found at home by children):

  • Felt tips
  • Crayons (pencils & wax)
  • Drawing pencils
  • Drawing & colouring books
  • Arts and crafts materials (new packets only)
  • Erasers & rulers
  • Markers and highlighters
  • Exercise books and paper


Children in the refugee camps have little to play with apart from the mud and stones underfoot. They have lost everything.  Thousands are orphans and have witnessed or are victims of terrible atrocities. They have lost their possessions, their loved ones.  We deliver hope and dignity to them.


You may like to see the clip of film sent to us by our charity partners on the ground Bring Hope.

Our own trustee, Max Veenstra , is also a trustee of the charity Bring Hope and therefore we are affiliated and working closely together.

 The address where stationery can be sent into, or where volunteers from the community can bring the goods to (by appointment please).





WD64RQ  (Tel: Rosalind 07866429807)