Our Impact

We aim to have a positive impact on people’s lives through social action. This can be seen through Mitzvah Day’s goals: to engage in social action, to increase the amount of social action and allow more causes, areas and people to benefit from support.

Mitzvah Day supports the work of charities and community groups, increasing the effectiveness, sustainability and power of the charitable and voluntary work delivered by our charity partners.

Our Ambitions

Our ambition to foster positive attitudes towards Jews in society relates to social cohesion. Mitzvah Day is able to strengthen connections and relationships between Jews and the wider community. Firstly by encouraging and facilitating positive contact and collaboration between Jews and people from other faiths and cultures and secondly by raising the profile of Jewish-led social action.

We’re an international organisation, but at the heart of our impact is local action and change. We seek to facilitate and inspire locally-led action that can be entirely different in each city, town and street across the UK and around the world.

We build a strong sense of civic participation by providing the tools to enable people to improve their communities in ways that are needed locally.

This is achieved by focusing on our five core areas of activity

Creating social action

Strengthening civil society

Creating sustainability

Facilitating relationships

Growing our capacity & capabilities