Stronger Together 2024

Mitzvah Day 2024 Theme

A Mitzvah, literally interpreted, is a commandment in Jewish law. However, it is often used to define a good deed or an act of kindness which is an integral and essential part of Jewish life, and the lives of other faith and belief communities. This is the basis for Mitzvah Day.

Mitzvah Day is the world’s largest faith-led day of social action. Over 55,000 people around the world, in 41 countries, came together last year to make a difference to the community around us. We introduce people to social action, to their neighbours and to local charities, setting up projects which address real needs. Jewish-led, we bring together people of all faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds to volunteer side-by-side, building longstanding, genuine relationships.

After a year of unparalleled conflict abroad and division at home, Mitzvah Day 2024 will offer us a time to heal, connect with each other and focus on what matters in and between our communities – building a better society for all.

On Mitzvah Day, we will defy the forces which tear us apart as we come together to support our local charities and build bridges of commonality. This year we are, quite simply, Stronger Together.

Whether we are tackling food insecurity, bringing joy and delight to a care home, collecting clothes for those in need or cleaning up a local park – we will be working across faith and non-faith groups. No matter the activity… we will do it together!

By working side-by-side in this way, people from different faith traditions will build connections, celebrate our shared values, and ultimately create a more unified and supportive society – showing that we are all Stronger Together.

As ever, all Mitzvah Day projects aim to bring people together wherever they are, and however much time they have to give. We reach out to our neighbours and invite them to take part, building long term connections and friendships locally, where it matters.

Additionally, all projects can be done once, twice, or every day of the year!

If you have other projects which showcase being Stronger Together, we are excited to hear all about them, or if you are looking for specific available projects from local charity partners seeking help click here.