jLiving Projects

Category: Sunshine to seniors

jLiving is one of the largest housing associations in the UK working primarily with the Jewish community. Established in 1966, jLiving offers its’ tenants the ability to live an independent life within a community environment.

 We provide affordable, secure, welcoming accommodation, including associated services for those aspiring to live independently. All our self-contained flats are in purpose-built blocks with double glazing and lifts to all floors as well as communal lounges where social activities take place.

 Living within sheltered accommodation offers peace of mind and the knowledge that there is someone there to call on in an emergency.


 We are looking for 1-2  hours of entertainment and refreshments for our tenants in the communal lounge, many of whom are elderly, frail or vulnerable and some are mildly mentally and/or physically disabled.

 We are looking for a small group of individuals (or an individual) to run the event between 10am -4pm only – exact hours to suit yourselves.

 We have a Scheme Manager on-site between 8.30am and 4pm, who will be able to let you in, introduce you and will provide and help with refreshments.

 Ideas for volunteering we have come up with include…

  • Provide musical entertainment – group of musicians / a choir etc.
  • Provide dancing entertainment – group of dancers (in costume)
  • Provide magic show and entertainment – magician/ illusionist

We are also open to other ideas.


 Harmony Close, Princes Park Avenue, NW11 0JJ

Young Court, 175 Willesden Lane NW6 7YX

 If you have any queries or would like to know more, please contact Sabrina at sabrina@mitzvahday.org.uk