Leket Israel Giving Tree Tote-Bag Project

Up-cycle T shirts to make Tote Bags for Leket - the largest food bank in Israel

Leket Israel, the National Food Bank, is Israel’s leading food rescue organisation delivering surplus food – providing both hot meals and agricultural produce – to 230,000+ needy people every week. The hot meals and fruits and vegetables are all rescued from either destruction or ending up in landfills. In 2021, Leket Israel together with its 18,000 volunteers rescued over 1.7 million hot meals and more than 25,000 tons of fresh agricultural produce. We would be delighted to have you participate in the Leket Israel Giving Tree Tote-Bag Project. Through the project, participants decorate tote-bags (or create bags repurposed from plain white, or light coloured recycled t-shirts) to be used by Israeli teenagers when rescuing fresh delicious produce from private backyards and gardens in Israel, that otherwise would go to waste. The collected produce will be distributed to Leket Israel’s non-profit partners, providing nutritious fruits and vegetables to those in need throughout Israel. There are two ways in which you can take part in this project:  1) Decorating plain white tote bags: students decorate white tote bags with fabric markers and stencils. Supplies needed:
  1. Canvas tote bags can be purchased from Amazon, a crafts store or wherever convenient. Bags vary in cost and size.
  1. Stencils and or Fabric Markers
Additionally, you can decorate the bags with sharpies, tie-dye, paint, etc.   2) Creating tote bags out of recycled t-shirts: students repurpose old/used t-shirts and create tote bags Supplies needed:
  1. Recycled/old/used t-shirts plain white or light colours only please
  2. Fabric Markers
Additionally, you can decorate the bags with sharpies, tie-dye, paint, etc.. *Please use white/light t-shirt for ease of decorating (dark t-shirt in images only used for instructions purposes)

There are limited spaces available for this project so if you want to take part then please email Robby Hoffman - Robby@leket.org to let her know that you are planning on making bags.

Additionally - if you or any of your friends are visiting Israel at any time and have some room in your cases to take some bags out please do let her know, she will be very grateful !