Sir Keir Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer
20 April 2023 admin_mitzvah

…I am writing to express my support for Mitzvah Day once again.

This year, felt more acutely than previous years, the core values of Mitzvah Day – the belief that through social action and working together, the world can be a better place – shine a light of hope in this time of darkness.

Support for local charities makes a tangible difference to our communities through the projects we complete and the relationships we build. In this time of division, pain and anger, Mitzvah Day invites those of all faiths and none to come together to help repair our fractured and grieving world.

I urge our places of worship, schools, youth groups and others to build on the good work already being done, and to reach out once more to local charities, to support them hands on, and to reunite with our neighbours in warmth, kindness and friendship.
I wish you all the best for Mitzvah Day.