Give Help Share – Supermarket Sweep for Mitzvah Day

We are Give. Help. Share. We have three fundamental aims: GIVE children nutritious food; HELP families in crisis; and SHARE food knowledge for a healthier future. We distribute wholesome food parcels to schools for children and families who are suffering from food poverty. We aim to relieve food poverty with nutrient-rich foods, as we believe that food is 'fuel for learning'. We also deliver food education workshops to complement the food provision, tackling diet-related health inequalities at a young age. Currently, 7.3million adults and 2.6million children are living in food poverty in the UK. Households are going to bed hungry, having skipped a meal. We aim to support 1000 disadvantaged families each week through delivery of take-home food parcels to primary schools.

Can you help fill a bag for tomorrow's delivery?

Follow the journey of your packed bag via our Instagram page: We're offering all volunteers a £5 Tesco voucher to fill a bag with as many nutritious 'fit-for-family' foods. There will be a prize for the participant who fills the bag most cost-effectively and nutritiously! Examples of food items (all vegetarian): • pasta/rice • cereal • tins • crackers/bread • fruit/veg • healthy snacks Email to receive your £5 voucher on the day and details of drop-off. Thank you!