Support Jewish Women’s Aid

Category: Collectathon

Jewish Women’s Aid is the only specialist organisation in the UK supporting Jewish women affected by domestic violence and abuse.

JWA has three core aims:

  • Support and empower women and girls who are experiencing sexual and domestic violence and abuse in their intimate relationships.
  • Increase awareness, education and understanding in order to prevent violence against women and girls in the Jewish community.
  • Provide client-centered support for women and children, by women.

For our children’s therapy we need the following:
• Air drying clay in different colours
• Lego (not sets, just different pieces and boards)
• Crayons
• Nice notebooks

We also always need tissue boxes which can be decorated or just plain for all our counselling rooms

There are lots of ways to decorate boxes – for example take a look here to watch a demonstration video.

To arrange for delivery of your beautiful hand crafted items, or to donate un-decorated filled boxes, or items to be used for children’s therapy sessions simply get in touch with Suzi Epstein

Phone: 020 8445 8060