Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK)

With 80% of cardiac arrests happening at home, Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) is on a mission to give everyone across the UK the CPR skills to save a life. We have created the “CPQR code” a heart shaped QR code that directs people to a short video on how to do CPR. Like the pink Ribbon, or the Remembrance Poppy, the CPQR code is an icon that can be used by anyone and everyone who wants to raise awareness for the importance of learning CPR. It’s an emblem with a twist: its design holds the information needed to learn and save a life. Scan it. Learn it. Save a life

The simple aim of the CPQR code is to expand the numbers of people who know the basic principles of CPR and defibrillation - increasing the rate of bystander intervention in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest events, which will increase survival rates. Please take the time to scan the code and learn this life-saving skill.

To learn more about Resuscitation Council UK and get access to CPR resources visit