Sufra – NW London Food Bank

If you’re passionate about alleviating poverty and empowering local people to overcome the barriers they face, then why not consider helping out at Sufra NW London, a local charity established in 2013 to address both the causes and consequences of impoverishment in the community? Based on St. Raphael’s Estate, Brent’s most disadvantaged neighbourhood, our Community Hub provides a life-line for people in crisis – including families living in extreme poverty and people who are vulnerable, homeless and socially isolated. We provide our ‘guests’ with the food and support they urgently need to survive, empower them to learn new skills and improve their well being, and help them find work and become financially stable. By working together and harnessing the goodwill of our neighbours, we build a stronger community where no one suffers alone in silence. Find out more by clicking here Sufra are looking for help in the following areas: Food Bank As well as organising collectathons to provide Sufra with supplies, you could also consider getting a group together to help with organising food supplies at the Food Bank. Community Kitchen You could be a Visiting Chef at the Community Kitchen one Friday evening, planning and prepare a three course vegetarian meal with the aid of the in house chef and a team of volunteers! St. Raphael Edible Garden There is always work to be done in the garden, with plenty of crops and chickens that need tending! Alternatively, you may want to organise a seed collection. Volunteer groups are welcome to email Fahim on to discuss the ways that you can help.