Support your local Animal Rescue Centre

Donate old or unwanted items for the animals to enjoy

Many of your old and unwanted items can create a wonderful gift for a homeless animal. Every year, rescue centres get through hundreds of the following items:

  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Bed Sheets
  • Newspapers
  • Cat/Dog food and treats
  • Animal Toys (see our guides below to create your own toys from old t-shirts)

Donate old or unwanted items 

Listed below are items that you may no longer have any use for, but which we can use as a charity to raise much-needed funds for the animals in our care:

  • Used postage stamps
  • Unwanted foreign currency
  • Any unwanted jewellery, odd earrings, broken chains, costume jewellery, watches. In all materials: plastic, wood, bronze, gold, silver and metal.

If you’d like to donate any of the above items to your local centre, the animals will greatly appreciate your support.

For a list of National Animal Welfare Trust centres, visit the Centres page.

Its super easy to follow our step by step guides to create these wonderful dog toys.