Donate your pre-loved children’s books


The Children’s Book Project works closely with women’s groups, children’s centres and schools to gift gently used books to children across the UK, forging links with communities who will benefit most from access to free books. We LOVE to receive books that families have grown out of. This year we will gift over 250,000 books to children who have very few of their own. We believe that every child has the right to books. We aim to tackle book poverty and to give every child the opportunity to own their own book. Help us gift good quality used children’s books by passing on your books.


Please donate gently used children’s books to us via one of our Book Hubs across the UK. We will ensure that these are placed directly into the hands of those families that will benefit most.  Visit to access details of our UK wide drop off points. Please also note the ages of the children at the drop off point you have identified since your books will be gifted to that community.


Please run a book drive and invite members of your school or wider community to bring in any children’s books that their family has grown out of. We will gladly help you run a book drive, including support with planning, resources, and book collection: visit for further informatIon. If you are based at a school or organisation that would like to run a Book Drive on our behalf, please contact Tracy, quoting Mitzvah Day 2022 Within the M25 we are usually able to collect books from your school. These are then sorted prior to gifting onwards to our target schools. Outside London we ask donor communities to sort and box donated books prior to delivering them to a local recipient school.  We are also very happy to answer any questions.